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Rainbow Asian Cuisine is Now Franchising!

We’re perfectly positioned to capitalize on Asian food’s status as the fastest growing segment in the contemporary casual category:

A long-distance runner:

Our far-reaching brand concept and proprietary flavor profiles dramatically differentiate us from everything else out there. And we haven’t even begun to tap the possibilities with Asian food.

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Lunch, dinner, and late night:

And desserts, cocktails, and specialty coffees and teas in-between. Rainbow Asian Cuisine is attuned to what busy Americans like to eat—and when. We understand that franchisees need a full day of potential revenue—and we deliver it.

The extra effort that contemporary casual customers now demand:

Rainbow Asian Cuisine is all about quality ingredients, but it’s also about taking the extra steps, such as last-minute flash cooking ingredients to add important extra layers of flavor, that make all the difference.

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Only at Rainbow Asian Cuisine:

Our fresh sauces are what make practically every Rainbow Asian Cuisine menu item stand out from the competition. They're made fresh with recipes and techniques that are proprietary. Our specialty coffees and teas, desserts, and cocktails are prepared on the premises and provide an invaluable revenue stream for customers.

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A better vibe:

Rainbow Asian Cuisine’s design aesthetic provides customers with an atmosphere that resembles a comfortable café or wine bar where they can relax and unwind.  This makes Rainbow Asian Cuisine a more viable destination for dinner and for people who simply want to escape the office or the house.

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Fiscally fit:

Since its establishment in 2011, Rainbow Asian Cuisine has been able to offer extraordinary food in a dramatically more attractive setting while maintaining efficient food and labor costs that are enviable within the industry. Rainbow Asian Cuisine is the perfect marriage of President Jeffrey Beach’s dollars and cents practicality gained from his methodical, pragmatic approach to process control—and the acumen he gained as a Kettering University Engineering graduate.




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